Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I think it's official

I'm done here. Life has gotten very busy, and I just find the Instagram thing easier - a quick picture of what I'm knitting with my phone, a few words to describe it, and done. I miss the people I've "met" and actually met, through this blog - Brenda, Denise, Saren and Marie in particular, but I just can't do the blog justice any more.
Seriously, if Susan can find me on Instagram, anyone can!
come say hello!


  1. Oh well to everything there is a "season" so good for you recognizing when your blogging days are done. I've been checking out your instagram feed but can't comment as I don't have my own account. (For my part, the "season" of me having a cell phone ended a while ago - if I'm not near a land line I'm too busy to talk and since the only other "being" I know without one is our dog I'm not worried about needing to make a call in an emergency!) I may still sign on to Instagram with my tablet data plan - we'll see.

    Enjoy KW this weekend!

  2. I have an instagram account. I have the requisite phone. But, as you will soon see, I can never get the darn thing to work right. I will find you though.