Sunday, 15 June 2014

Where to start...

I take a little time of from the blog, and it becomes difficult to get back to it! I don't quite know where to start...
I've been knitting quite a bit, as well as sewing, and taking some time to do some stuff around the house. I could get used to this not working thing, but to be honest, there's only so much I can take. I need to get back to something. But this time around, I'm waiting for the right thing. I've actually turned down a couple of options (one was just so perfect, except for the distance...), but I know my priorities, and I have to meet them for it all to work. So I keep looking...
So what;s been going on? Quite a bit, actually. A lot I can't really share, as they are not my stories, but there has been some great things happening in the family (some not-so-great things as well, but we try not to dwell on those.) My niece is doing great things, interning at the PGA of America at TPC Sawgrass in Florida before she starts her senior year at Brown, and my nephews are excelling at their chosen activities. 
My son has also been doing some great things - he qualified for OFSAA (the Ontario high school championships) in discus - a discipline he has been throwing for all of a month! We were lucky that the championships were held in Mississauga - pretty close to us, so we were there in force, cheering him on to a top 20 finish. So very proud of him, and his coach was thrilled. We are looking at some private coaching for the future - he really enjoys discus and shot put, as well as middle distance running. He was also recognized at the school athletic banquet as a 4-team member (cross country, basketball, indoor track and outdoor track). Plus, he was made a peer mentor for next year's new crop of grade nines. All this while staying on the Honour Roll, heading into exam week. Just a little Mom gloating here...

I've got the gardens around here in shape, ready to be ignored for the summer while we get to the cottage as much as possible!
It always looks great early in the summer, so I try to take advantage as much as possible.
My baskets and boxes are all in bright primary colours:

My Siberian iris are always gorgeous:

And the bleeding heart I took as a cutting from my Mom's house is getting so large!

There's so much more, but I just haven't got the camera on anything. 

Even my knitting has been boring - a sweater - basic, cardigan, no frills, no colour work, just a good, useful kettle dyed worsted wool cardigan in my favourite colour green.

There's more to it since I took this picture, so I'll show that soon. I've also completed the spa cloth birthday gifts, and found the most amazing soaps to go with them! And socks - always socks on the go...


  1. Can you share the info about the soaps? I'm always on the lookout for nice smelling soaps for hostess gifts.
    A. Lurker

  2. Can you share the info about the soaps? I'm always on the lookout for nice smelling soaps for hostess gifts.
    A. Lurker

  3. Hi, wondering if we all are getting tired a bit of the blogging. I've noticed that none of the gang - you, Marie or I - blog as often as we used to.

  4. Good luck with the job search, that can be soul sucking.