Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Spa cloth birthday gifts

** edited to fix link - thanks to commenter Else for the heads up!!**

I've mentioned many times how great our cottage neighbours are, and how much I love to knit for them, as well as how much they appreciate it.
The girl are turning 17 and 15 this year, and we always celebrate this coming long weekend (July 1).
I had some 100% linen and some 50% cotton / 50% linen to make the cloths, and before I wrapped everything up I washed and dried the cloths - a great idea - it softened the linen and bloomed the blends so much - the cloths are just what I wanted them to be.

Then I went on the hunt for soaps - and completely lucked out! I found a place right here in Aurora that makes artisan soaps! not only has a booth at our town Farmers Market on Saturdays, she has a small retail outlet - I'm a fan! I picked up a bunch of soaps for the girls, and a ton more for me. Love them! She even makes a soap for dogs with citronella and eucalyptus which is great for summer, so I picked up a few of those bars for my dog owner friends.

Of course, some personalized cards, and voila! two great handmade, locally sourced gifts for two great girls that appreciate the local stuff.

One thing... as nice as these cloths are, and how much fun I had putting the gifts together - after six of them, I'm done! I may make more of them down the line, but right now, I don't really want to see another linen cloth...


  1. Uhm uhm you might want to change that kibo link, that's a weirdo site. Google came up with, that looks much better.

  2. Oh darn. Too bad you are done with spa packages. I was going to put my name on your list. What wonderful little gifts for friends.

  3. Thanks for sharing the link. I really must get to the Farmer's Market.
    What a great idea for gifts...and I love your gift bags!

  4. My pleasure, I'm a soap-addict so I had to click that link. Now I'm sorry to live across the ocean ;-)

  5. But the clothes are so pretty. You can make ten or twelve more of them.