Friday, 20 June 2014


I've had this navy laceweight, beaded cardigan on the go for a while. It's my own design, top down, using the contiguous sleeve construction. I love it, and was loving how I was adding the beads in a graduated look from the waist down - lightly at first, then more heavily as I get closer to the hem - I figured the laceweight wool would benefit from the weight of the beads.

But I've put it down for an extended period. Just sort of lost interest in it, to be honest.
But I picked it up again recently, and while looking at it from all angles, saw something that stopped me cold...
a hole. A giant, freaking, yarn ripped apart HOLE! Right in the middle of the back. 
Of course, I did what any sane knitter would do - I caught both open ends with stitch holders, then tossed it back in the bag until I could take it to knit night and get opinions...
After a number of gasps when I showed it, I did get opinions. he general consensus is that I should be able to just knot the ends and be done with it. I know if I rip it back, I will NEVER knit it again. NEVER. So I think the knot idea is the way to go, along with weaving a safety bit over it.
We'll see. Right now, I'm annoyed at it, so it's still stuffed in it's bag. I may get back to it eventually...


  1. That's ugly when holes happen. And for no reason.

  2. Duplicate stitch a few stitches before and after. Make it be alike any yarn join.