Monday, 2 June 2014


So... the new job didn't work out. I kind of knew it right after it started, and to be honest, I pretty much took it based on location, and not the job itself. (Note to self - such a bad reason to take a job!!)
While I do like a small company, I need more than one guy, who has no interest in my computer skills (or computers in general). He wanted no part of me bringing him into the 20th (we're not even talking the 21st!!) century as far as his systems were concerned. "It's been working fine for us, so we're not going to change it". I mean, this guy was still using the "my Documents" file to store the 3, count 'em THREE files he used... Handwriting and faxing - that's all he does... It's good for him, he's got a nice little business going, but there was maybe 2 hours worth of work I could do in an 8 hour day, and that was driving me crazy. Even when I took it upon myself to make up a spreadsheet to streamline some processes, he freaked, said no, and actually went in and deleted the file! That was enough for me.
So back on the job hunt, and to be honest, I'm okay if nothing happens until August. I've got enough going on to fill my days with family commitments, and some freelance stuff. That being said, if something comes up, I'm not an idiot...

But I will be smarter about looking at ALL the angles before accepting anything new...

So lots of knitting time, I guess!


  1. Sorry that it did t work out:( Hope you have a good summer, and the right job turns up at the right time!!

  2. Deleting a spreadsheet like that? Tells you everything you needed to know about that place, that's for sure! I'm just more surprised he knew what the delete key was.

  3. Sorry to read this, but you will land on your feet at a better position. I agree. Take the summer, because you can!