Monday, 23 June 2014

Basic everyday

A basic, everyday sweater.  My favourite kind. Something I can wear often, and just have available to throw on anytime.
The picture above comes close to the colour - the yarn is a lovely kettle dyed dark forest-y green.
This one shows the mostly finished sweater. (And the start of another one...) the variations in the yarn don't appear quite as brilliantly as they seem to be in pictures.  I still need to sew in the ends, add the buttons, and give it a wash and blocking. And add pockets - pretty sure I want to add pockets.
Right now, it's been tossed into my bag to take to the cottage - the boy and I are planning on heading up Wednesday afternoon,as soon as he gets back from the exam review. He's now done with school - has a trip to Wonderland planned for tomorrow, then we will head north for at least a week, since we've got the Canada day holiday coming next Tuesday. My husband will come up for the weekend. Ihave plans  of getting the garden in shape up there,  as well as a few other chores involved with the first few weekends, since I have the time to be there.
Of course there are also knitting plans - finishing this green sweater and starting this maple red one (adding in this lovely variegated stuff - both these yarns have been reclaimed from a sweater I knit and rarely wore. I love the yarns and I wanted to wear them.  Plus some other projects - as usual, I've overpacked my knitting for time at the cottage,  it you never know - this May be the time I get it all done!


  1. Ahem. More for the last post. duplicate stitch to mimic a yarn join. 10 or so stitches before and after. Would that be possible?

  2. Enjoy your boy. As mine heads off soon for a sojourn abroad I'm so glad to have enjoyed all the past summers together at the lake.

  3. I love the basic green but also those glorious reds. Have a fun time at the cottage. We're off to Quebec for 10 days.