Friday, 23 May 2014

Where my attention was drawn

So with all the small and large projects I have hanging around, and I"ve really only shown the ones that are getting any kind of action... when I said my attention was drawn elsewhere, I'm sure you thought something cool, and interesting grabbed me.
Well... no. Just a basic cardigan sweater. 
Good wool, top down construction, basic as it comes. I realized I was often drawn to my basics when I wanted a sweater, and realized I don't have as many as I want, so I grabbed this wonderful kettle dyed dark green wool and cast on. I may stripe in some colour, I may not. I'll see when I get there. I have some paler green, or some orange that may work. I may add a colour work panel to it. The nice thing about top down construction is I can decide when I get there.


  1. Sweaters will do that to ya. They suck you in, then next thing you know it's the long boring part and you want something DONE.

  2. Another birth separation story Laundering all my wool sweaters for summer storage, I was just thinking the same thing. My most favourite are the most basic. Great fashion mavens eh?