Monday, 12 May 2014

Taking stock

I've got a lot of knitting going on. A lot. And I keep adding more. For a while this was bothering me, but then I realized, it's just knitting. I do it for enjoyment, so why was I letting it stress me out? If I want to cast on something new, who says I can't? (I'm getting better at letting go of the small things. Life's too short.)

This is the current pile:

And no, it doesn't include any bead knitting - that's an entire bag unto itself. (Actually, safer to say a bag and a rubbermaid box...) The beads haven't gone away - I just haven't finished anything new. I have actually bagged up the threads and beads into pleasing combinations, and can grab a small ziploc and go if needed. I've also (Nancy, hold on here...) ripped out the grey pearl with smoky charcoal tri-cut seed beads necklace. 
The length was wrong, it didn't sit quite right (this picture took too much arranging, and it moved as soon as I did). A quick rip, and I will reknit it so it works better. It will still be the same beads, but the look and drape will be improved.
I will detail all the WIPS in the next few posts...


  1. The necklace is gorgeous. I'm sure the models and their modelled goods in fashion magazines have exactly the same 'move and muss it up' issues. Looks good in the photo though.

  2. That's such a pretty necklace.

  3. No shame at all in starting multiple projects - I am in total agreement!

  4. Sometimes, starting new projects is just SO much fun! :-) I bet I have quite a few different projects going too. Especially, if I count crochet, knit, sewing and other kinds of projects. I'm trying to get better at finishing things before I start. But, starting new ones can often be just too much fun to wait! ;-)