Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Small things

I've got a couple of small projects with sort of deadlines, that I work on in fits and starts when I feel like it.


Not for my family - they all have their name ornaments, but our cottage neighbours loved theirs, and his brother's family through they were so cool as well. So the neighbour has commissioned me to make 6 more for his extended  family for Christmas. While I normally don't knit for money (I haven't worked for below minimum wage in decades, and I'm not about to start now), he's paying well enough to make it worthwhile. Friend or not, it's still work. Luckily, he's the one who approached me with a great price. I've got one done and five to go, but they're not due until December, so I have time.

Spa cloths:

These need to be done a little quicker. The aforementioned cottage neighbours - the 2 teen girls birthdays are late June and early July, and I'd like to have at least 2 cloths each plus some great soaps for them. (Still have to get some great handmade soap - must check out the farmers market one weekend).
I've got one and a half done - the beige is a cotton-linen blend and the silver is a 100% linen. So one of each for each girl should do it.


  1. Spa clothes are a wonderful easy present to give people.

  2. Which pattern is that. I love the openness of them.