Wednesday, 14 May 2014

SIPs - socks in progress

It seems a lot of my WIPs are socks. I have a lock of sock sized needle sets, and sock yarn is easy to buy, so it's easy for me to cast on when I buy new sock yarn!
I did finish the Malabrigo socks I had going, which freed up another set of needles...

currently I have:

Green Tanis purple label cashmere blend socks. 
These were originally going to be for my FIL, but it turns out he doesn't really like the cashmere blends. I mean, he likes how they feel, but he doesn't like that they wear out quicker than other blends. I told him it doesn't matter, I'd just make him more, but no, he wants his socks to last forever. The fact that he doesn't really want these makes a couple of other guys I know quite happy - there is a bidding war going on for them!

Then there's the sport weight String Theory socks:

I love these, and will keep them, even though there is interest from other parties.

My sadly neglected Witches Britches socks.

I will probably knit these int he car on the way to the cottage next weekend - they won't take long to finish.

I do have another pair - the blue fluorescent Regia socks - they must still be in my purse - they're gorgeous!


  1. How satisfying - pulling everything out and finding lots of things close to the finish line!