Wednesday, 21 May 2014

larger things

I've picked up a couple of larger UFOs that haven't seen much love for a while. I worked on each of them for a bit until my attention was drawn elsewhere. However, I can see going back to both of these often through the summer, as they are both lightweight projects.

First off in the American Safari Hoodie - an old pattern I've made before. 
This time around I'm using a flax - silk - poly blend that I got at the Frolic many years ago I'm making it with long sleeves, becasue I don't like short sleeved sweaters on me, and will probably make it tunic length, since it will be somewhat sheer.
I'm debating a wide stripe of this greenish blue silk - I'll make that decision when I get to the area that I may stripe it.

I've just finished the hood part - it's knit top down, so I'm still going back and forth for a few more inches before I join in the round.

I'm also making progress on my Noro Viajante overtop. THis would be nice to have for the summer - something easy to toss on in the evenings if there's a chill. 

Maybe for next year...


  1. Those big projects seem to take forever, don't they?

  2. VIA - Jante. Say it loud and with enthusiasm and it sounds so life affirming.