Friday, 23 May 2014

Where my attention was drawn

So with all the small and large projects I have hanging around, and I"ve really only shown the ones that are getting any kind of action... when I said my attention was drawn elsewhere, I'm sure you thought something cool, and interesting grabbed me.
Well... no. Just a basic cardigan sweater. 
Good wool, top down construction, basic as it comes. I realized I was often drawn to my basics when I wanted a sweater, and realized I don't have as many as I want, so I grabbed this wonderful kettle dyed dark green wool and cast on. I may stripe in some colour, I may not. I'll see when I get there. I have some paler green, or some orange that may work. I may add a colour work panel to it. The nice thing about top down construction is I can decide when I get there.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

larger things

I've picked up a couple of larger UFOs that haven't seen much love for a while. I worked on each of them for a bit until my attention was drawn elsewhere. However, I can see going back to both of these often through the summer, as they are both lightweight projects.

First off in the American Safari Hoodie - an old pattern I've made before. 
This time around I'm using a flax - silk - poly blend that I got at the Frolic many years ago I'm making it with long sleeves, becasue I don't like short sleeved sweaters on me, and will probably make it tunic length, since it will be somewhat sheer.
I'm debating a wide stripe of this greenish blue silk - I'll make that decision when I get to the area that I may stripe it.

I've just finished the hood part - it's knit top down, so I'm still going back and forth for a few more inches before I join in the round.

I'm also making progress on my Noro Viajante overtop. THis would be nice to have for the summer - something easy to toss on in the evenings if there's a chill. 

Maybe for next year...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Small things

I've got a couple of small projects with sort of deadlines, that I work on in fits and starts when I feel like it.


Not for my family - they all have their name ornaments, but our cottage neighbours loved theirs, and his brother's family through they were so cool as well. So the neighbour has commissioned me to make 6 more for his extended  family for Christmas. While I normally don't knit for money (I haven't worked for below minimum wage in decades, and I'm not about to start now), he's paying well enough to make it worthwhile. Friend or not, it's still work. Luckily, he's the one who approached me with a great price. I've got one done and five to go, but they're not due until December, so I have time.

Spa cloths:

These need to be done a little quicker. The aforementioned cottage neighbours - the 2 teen girls birthdays are late June and early July, and I'd like to have at least 2 cloths each plus some great soaps for them. (Still have to get some great handmade soap - must check out the farmers market one weekend).
I've got one and a half done - the beige is a cotton-linen blend and the silver is a 100% linen. So one of each for each girl should do it.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Heading out!

While we use our cottage all year, and I've actually been up there a fair bit this winter, considering our schedules, this weekend, Victoria Day in Canada (or fondly known as the May 2-4 weekend), is the real start of cottaging season.
We will have a full house - us, my inlaws and BIL and family. Plus, neighbours and friends and other lake dwellers will be around. This weekend is what really starts the season, and we welcome it with many a cocktail on assorted decks and docks, (weather permitting).
I'm bringing most of the socks I've shown - sock knitting is the only safe knitting for me when there are cocktails involved...

Next week will continue the parade of stuff I'm working on...

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

SIPs - socks in progress

It seems a lot of my WIPs are socks. I have a lock of sock sized needle sets, and sock yarn is easy to buy, so it's easy for me to cast on when I buy new sock yarn!
I did finish the Malabrigo socks I had going, which freed up another set of needles...

currently I have:

Green Tanis purple label cashmere blend socks. 
These were originally going to be for my FIL, but it turns out he doesn't really like the cashmere blends. I mean, he likes how they feel, but he doesn't like that they wear out quicker than other blends. I told him it doesn't matter, I'd just make him more, but no, he wants his socks to last forever. The fact that he doesn't really want these makes a couple of other guys I know quite happy - there is a bidding war going on for them!

Then there's the sport weight String Theory socks:

I love these, and will keep them, even though there is interest from other parties.

My sadly neglected Witches Britches socks.

I will probably knit these int he car on the way to the cottage next weekend - they won't take long to finish.

I do have another pair - the blue fluorescent Regia socks - they must still be in my purse - they're gorgeous!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Taking stock

I've got a lot of knitting going on. A lot. And I keep adding more. For a while this was bothering me, but then I realized, it's just knitting. I do it for enjoyment, so why was I letting it stress me out? If I want to cast on something new, who says I can't? (I'm getting better at letting go of the small things. Life's too short.)

This is the current pile:

And no, it doesn't include any bead knitting - that's an entire bag unto itself. (Actually, safer to say a bag and a rubbermaid box...) The beads haven't gone away - I just haven't finished anything new. I have actually bagged up the threads and beads into pleasing combinations, and can grab a small ziploc and go if needed. I've also (Nancy, hold on here...) ripped out the grey pearl with smoky charcoal tri-cut seed beads necklace. 
The length was wrong, it didn't sit quite right (this picture took too much arranging, and it moved as soon as I did). A quick rip, and I will reknit it so it works better. It will still be the same beads, but the look and drape will be improved.
I will detail all the WIPS in the next few posts...

Sunday, 4 May 2014

more bags

I'm a sucker for discounts. The Quilt Store had these packages of off cuts and remnants - a pile of fabrics for $2 or $3. I sifted through and found a couple I liked. Then, at home, I sifted through the piles of fabrics and matched up a few that worked together. Individually, there was not enough of the coffee fabric or the chicken fabric to do anything, but when I added the red chevron to the chickens or the dotted to the coffee, I ended up with some of the best bags I've made.

I love these. I'm keeping one of each and giving away the other two. The coffee one is going to a friend of mine who works for Starbucks, and the chicken is also slated for someone. 

Now I'm going to have to start matching up all my leftover fabrics - I love the two tone bags.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


I have been tinkering with a t-shirt pattern that I want to wear for a very long time. I've been close a few times, but there was always a problem with the sleeves, or the fit at the bust, or waist or length or something. I think my tinkering has finally paid off.
I've finally got a pattern I like, and that looks good. It's pretty much self drafted, and fits great around the bust, and hangs nicely from there (I don't want anything snug around my waist or hips - not an attractive sight right now...

I've used a royal blue knit I had hanging around, and like it so much I plan on a few more of these, some with shorter sleeves, and some like this one with 3/4 sleeves. There's two tiny tucks in the neckline - I may or may not draft those out on the next one - they don't detract from the fit, and they are a bit of interest in an otherwise plain top. One disclaimer - My bust is larger than my mannequin's, so if the front looks like it hangs funny at the hem in these pictures, it straightens out when I wear it!