Thursday, 10 April 2014


While digging around the bead stash, I found a bag with a half done project.
I remember buying this kit at the Frolic, but whether it was last year or the year before that (or even before that...) I can't remember.
I got halfway through a knitted wire bracelet before I gave it up. Reason? No idea. It's not hard. It's not too big. The wire is a bit of a pain to knit, but nothing that can't be done.

So I grabbed it and finished it up.

It's quite nice. And there's enough wire for another one. (Plus, I may have found more wire in my stash... Geez, I have GOT to stop buying stuff...)


  1. I love how unstructured and airy this piece is - perfect as/if the weather warms up!

  2. Love it! Don't remember you buying it!! It must have been loooong ago :)

  3. I love the colours. You are very talented.