Tuesday, 29 April 2014

One picture from Easter...

My favourite picture from a great weekend - my son trying to be an icebreaker in a kayak...

3 days after this, the ice was out of the lake. 
Considering there was only a plastic kayak between his butt and the lake, it's no wonder he was cold when he got in. 
This seems to be the new tradition - swimming seems to be out - none of the kids seemed all that eager to get in the lake, especially since neither the hot tub nor the sauna were ready to go... but a flotilla of vessels were out around the edges of the ice, checking it out.

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  1. Nice shot ... it looks like he's in the Arctic! I took my dad to Lake Ontario on the weekend and he was commenting (over and over again) how surprised he was that there were no boats on the lake. I have to agree with him, but I know the marina in our town holds a big party to celebrate everyone 'opening'(?) their boats for the summer. Wendy