Thursday, 3 April 2014

No pictures, but...

We had a fantastic guest speaker at our Guild meeting this week! Kate Atherley came to talk about yarn (mostly sock yarn) and how the colour distribution will translate from skein to finished product. I've been reading her blog for years, so it was great to finally meet her.

It was fascinating and so eye-opening!

I knit and have knit a ton of socks. I buy sock yarn constantly, and mostly on gut instinct. I see a skein and the colour grabs me and I buy it. And sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. (remember the neon socks that weren't neon once I knit them up?)

Kate brought a ton of examples and it was a head-slap moment for me - What I expected of certain yarns was not how they worked out. To be honest, It was a little embarrassing. I have an art background - fine art and graphic design - and I SHOULD KNOW THIS. But it seems I buy wool on a visceral level - I am totally attracted to the colours as they appear in the skein without giving a thought to how they will knit up. I can't say that this habit will stop, but I'm pretty sure I will look at a skein a little more closely and think it through with regard to how the colours will work.

Thanks Kate! It was an absolute pleasure to listen to you and gain so much knowledge!


  1. I read your post then immediatley read this one. Drunk yarn purchase. Too funny.

  2. Let me know how that works out for you. I also buy based on how pretty it looks in the skein.