Monday, 28 April 2014

New yarns!

Some from the Frolic, some not...

The DKC Knitter's Frolic was great, as always. The only problem I had was spending too much time beforehand digging through my stash! All that did (other than the huge messy pile of yarn I made) was to make me NOT want to buy new wool! What a stupid thing to do just before my favourite yarn marketplace...
But, I have also bought new yarns in the preceding couple of weeks. I had an idea for birthday gifts for a couple of favourite teenage girls - spa cloths. (To most of us, known as wash cloths or face cloths, it seems the new name for them is spa cloths...) So I hit Tove's Store, aka Needles and Knits, and picked up some wonderful cotton/linen blend (the worsted weight in beige and white), and some Punta Yarns Montoya Beach in 100% linen (the silver and cream). The gold is some Elann 100% hemp I've had sitting around for a while. 
I've used the Bee Stitch, popularized by Stephanie recently, and plan to make a few more, and pair them with some nice handmade soaps (note to self, scope out some nice hand made soaps...) THese girls both have summer birthdays, and for once, I can give them a knited gift that is appropriate to the time of year! Not that they've ever complained about the sweaters, hats and mittens, but it's a nice feeling to see something that doesn't make you sweat just looking at it...

And, the Wednesday before the Frolic, when I said I was not buying anythng at Knit Night, I bought these:

And may I say, I wasn't the only one who bought them, right Nancy, Rebecca, Julia and possibly, Deb? (I can't remember if Deb bought any...) I was disappointed when my previous neon socks didn't neon - I don't think I'll have a problem here. Actually, I know I won't, I've already started the blue ones. (Come on, no one who knows me is surprised by this...) They're gorgeous.

Now, I did buy some stuff at The Frolic, but nothing like previous years! Susan bought way more than I did! I bought 1 skein of Turtlepurl, in a deep crimson:
(for my FIL - it's muted enough that he will wear it, and interesting enough that I will knit it. I also bought a bottle of Eucalan (because I needed it, and one pattern. Seriously, that was it. I checked my temperature when I got home, I'm not running a fever or anything, I just didn't feel the shopping mojo. So strange for me... Other than the lack of buying, the Frolic was fun. I finally met Robyn, saw some great things and people and still made it back to Aurora in time to see most of the Boy's basketball game. And I'm glad I did, he played great! 

This is my transition week - I've got two more days with the old company, then next Monday I start my new job. I"m looking forward to it, but wish the old place would tell me whats going to happen going forward, I have no idea who to pass off my info and everything I do to. I really wonder about these guys...


  1. Sometimes buying things isn't everything.

  2. Wow that is some bright yarn - I love it! I am planning on making spa cloths as end of year teacher & bus driver gifts.

  3. I love the bright colours of the sock yarn. I would have checked you for fever too if I had seen you on a non-yarn-buying day. :)

  4. Your new yarns are pretty! Good luck with the job change!

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  6. Compare the job-situation you leave behind to like you had been knocked down by a bus. They'll have to cope. Good luck to them. And you are better off ;-)