Wednesday, 9 April 2014

more beads...

Yes, the obsession continues.
I've been digging in the bead stash, and have come up with a few options. 
These pink ones are actually already strung and started:

I'm incredibly fond of these metallic earth tones, and have many ideas for them - I just have to narrow them down - quite possibly it will be a variation of the pearl necklace, only using bugle beads where the pearls are:

And the blues and greens - always my favourite, and plans are in place for them as well.

I'm not sure this will stop any time soon...


  1. I'm not sure if we need to stage an intervention yet or not. =^.^=

  2. What type of yarn/thread are you using? I love beads, this is making me want to get my beads out!