Thursday, 24 April 2014

LIfe is getting mad...

Things are busy, busy, busy...

I've quit my current job to start with! It was time. As good as it was at the beginning (flex hours, the best boss ever...) things have gone downhill (bad business decisions, good people let go, horribly bad people brought in, my hours cut... I could go on...) so I made the tough decision to leave. My boss is aware of the issues, and while he doesn't want to see me go, he totally supports the move. (He doesn't think he will be staying much longer either.) The idiots that are remaining have proven through words why it's a good idea for me to move on. One sent a half congratulatory, half derisive note, while the other, bigger douche has said nothing at all. I leave in less than a week. Nice working with you too...
I am moving on to a new job situation - better pay, better people (with the exception of the best boss ever...) and get this - it's a 10 minute WALK from my house! While that will put a serious crimp in my "sock knitting while car pooling" I'm willing to give up other knitting time for socks in trade for a 10 minute walk over a 45 minute drive. And if I find I do need a car during the day, no problem - my husband's office is right next door! Things are good, or will be once I get through this last week - they are leaving everything until the very last minute to see who is going to handle everything I do...

On top of all that good news, it's also Knitter's Frolic weekend! Susan and I are meeting for breakfast, then heading off to handle a few things on her list. My list is almost non-existent - some great sock yarns, maybe a sweater's worth, and knowing me, probably some beads... Once we handle all that, Susan has to take off, and I'm meeting up with Robyn! Finally meeting in person! She's coming in from Montreal to scout out things for her new Yarn Shop. I'm looking forward to a great day - the only downside will be missing Brenda and Marie - both of whom are busy this weekend - next time, ladies!


  1. Have fun. Sorry I'm going to miss meeting Robyn.

  2. Sorry to hear about how bad your job has become but I'm so excited for you about the new one. It sounds so nice to have it so close and right next door to where your husband works. Best wishes that your new job will be wonderful! :-)

  3. I think you're gonna love the new commute!

  4. I have hived off a bit of time after all tomorrow morning but will be whisking through rather than my usual meander. Maybe we'll meet in the melee!