Monday, 14 April 2014

It was destined to be mine

We were at knit night the other night, at the Yarn Store, and Margaret, as is her habit, did more wandering and shopping than knitting. (I've been known to wander myself, and considering it's also a quilt store, it's a dangerous place for me to wander around). 
They had all the kits on for 50% off, so Margaret was on the hunt, not just for a pattern, but for the wool itself, considering the discount. She came back with a few options, but one was destined to be mine, not hers.

It was so perfect, I've already wound the yarn and started the project. The pattern is Bolt by Brooklyn Tweed, and the yarn is Dye Hard Fibre Arts in Alien Armpit (the green) and You're So Cheezy (the orange). I love the yarn names Deb uses!
(I just noticed my Kobo is sitting there - notice the book?The Amazing Thing about the Way it Goes by Stephanie Pearl McPhee - it finally became available on Kobo)
You may be wondering why this kit was destined for me. I guess I should show you the nail polish I had on that day:

Yup. It had to be mine.


  1. Definitely destiny! Are those team colors, or just colors you like?

  2. had to be yours! What a match! It's going to be a lovely shawl too! Happy knitting! :-)