Wednesday, 19 March 2014

While I was away

As I mentioned, I spent part of the March Break at the cottage with the Boy. Our neighbour Nancy was there with her two girls, and we spent a few days enjoying the place and each other's company. We combined for dinners, lunches, and even breakfast! It's great having such good friends - the kids all love spending time together, and Nancy and I share a love of good wine and conversation. And she doesn't think it's weird that I knit while I talk. Good all around.
I had great plans of finishing up my husband's sweater, but while I did work on it (halfway through the second sleeve!!) I decided to work up a couple of purple sparkly things. I have a family member that's going through a tough time emotionally, and she loves purple. so I dug into the bead stash and made these...

the top one (the one that looks striped) is the Beaded Amulet Bag, a free pattern from the Rainey Sisters. I changed the strap to a crocheted beaded chain to use up the beads.
The other one (with the bigger beads), is just something I made up as I went along, based on the amount of beads I had. It's open at the top, while the other one has a little flap with a shell bead as a weight. They are headed to their new home as we speak, and I hope she likes them and they bring a smile to her face.


  1. If I had to pick one favourite, I couldn't!! All so nice!

  2. Those are lovely! You are so talented.

  3. i am - as I often am - humbled by your creativity.