Monday, 3 March 2014

Using up the bits and pieces

I actually had a chance to get into my sewing room this past weekend, but unfortunately, a couple of fails. Actually one fail, and one "this might get saved". 
And so seriously a fail, that it's already wadded up and tossed, so no pictures. The might get saved is in time out while I debate it's fate...
I di get a pair of jammie pants made - the rainbow paw prints.for my friend's birthday, and with the scraps made a few bags (as I did with the extra curling print fabric.)

Bags are easy and very gratifying after a couple of fails! The top bag - the rainbow paw prints - the stuffed one holds the matching pajama pants - all ready for gift giving. There are three more of this print - ready for gift giving. Then at the bottom, 3 drawstring bags (one already in use) and a zippered bag from the curling fabric.
Then, because I was using up bits and pieces, I found this off cut of Christmas fabric that I just felt I had to make up.

I love Maxine and her humour. The only problem I can see with these two bags? Giving them away. I may just have to keep them in the family.


  1. So you're not even going to tell us what your fail was?! Help out those of us who feel so pathetic next to your amazing productivity?

    Great bags! I need to do that with some fabric I have, never hurts to have a few on hand.

  2. Failed? You? You're joking right?