Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Update to Yesterday

People wanted to see my Epic Fail. So because I love getting comments, and try to honour all requests (okay, SOME requests...) I dug this out of the trash.

I know it doesn't look like a fail, but trust me, it really is. I should have read the reviews online before trying this - its the Plantain t-shirt pattern, a free pattern from Deer and Doe. It's a lovely pattern - well written, well laid out, and graded for size well. But size is where it fails miserably. I'm not a small woman, but I know my size fairly well, and can usually make adjustments. I pulled some leftover cream ponte I had sitting around, and used that as a muslin, hoping that it would be somewhat wearable. Yeah. Not so much. It was RIDICULOUSLY small. I mean, out of proportion tiny. I should have measured ahead of time. I should have read some reviews. I know. I didn't. I just went ahead and sewed. Crap. A waste of good ponte. The armscye in the sleeve is beyond crazy - even a size 2 would have a tough time getting her arm in comfortably.
The only save on this make was using my twin needle successfully. 

So, yes, I'm pissed - at myself for not doing the due diligence on this, and at the pattern for having a ridiculous sense of size. I really hope a teen with self esteem issues does not make this top and feel like it's her fault.

I have to tell myself - it was a free pattern - you get what you pay for...


  1. It does look cute, just small.

  2. Oh dear. Sorry to hear about the loss of good fabric!

  3. Bummer:( I guess you could cut a bag out of it, appliqué on the bag as the fabric is so plain. At least then you don't waste all of the fabric? Or would that be too much time for a small result? (As a friend used to say "The juice isn't worth the squeeze.")