Monday, 17 March 2014

Trying to get my mojo back...

My blogging mojo seems to have deserted me - I didn't do anything last week, partially because of factors around me, partially because I just didn't carve out the time to do so. 
I did spend much of the week at the cottage It was March Break here in Ontario - known as Spring Break to much of the world, here, Spring was the last thing on Mother Nature's mind! We actually took an auger out on the lake to see how much ice we still had - (full disclosure, Nancy and I walked along with the guys that were going to do the augering. While my son did take his turn with it, I was content to watch.) There is still 36 inches of ice out on the lake! That's almost unheard of! The most Ive seen before this year was 27 inches, and certainly not in March. By march, we are luck to have 14-16 inches, and I've seen the ice start breaking up in Marches past. The latest anyone on our lake remembers the ice going out is April 27th, and I bet we are later than that this year. there just doesn't seem to be any let up to this winter.
That may be part of the reason why I've been so blah lately. I'm so done with winter. Don't get me wrong, I love the seasons we get here, and I do enjoy winter, but I've had enough. We've been hit hard with it for so long this year. I'm so ready for the heat of summer!
There are SOME good things about winter - we get great visitors:

and... I'm sure there are other things, but they are not coming to mind...

Part of the problem I'm having is my job situation - basically, the powers that be have made some brutally bad business decisions, and the company won't last much longer. It doesn't seem to bother our CEO (he of the Palm Beach Estate, Muskoka Cottage and new Bentley). I don't hold anything against him, but really, flaunting his $600K reno in Florida was a little tacky... My boss and I are both on the hunt - ideally, we'd like to find something where we can continue to work together, but that might not happen for a while. In the meantime, I'm on the interview trail. I am still working, and will continue to draw pay from them as long as the company lasts - we have the office space until the end of March, then will work from home until final decisions are made. At least interviewing while still having a job means I can be somewhat picky about the jobs I interview for...

And in case you were wondering - yes, my nails are day-appropriate:

Happy St. Paddy's Day!


  1. We didn't have any winter at all, them with the glass ball said we would get a horror winter - sure. They just didn't say we hade to move to your spot of the world to get it. So it was all autumn and grey and autumn and rain and right now it even looks like we are going to skip spring as well. For once I really would like to have your winter, something about grass being greener . . . I wish you luck finding a new job for yourself, look in all directions and a happy St. P. back to you

  2. So sorry to hear about your job:( That really sucks. I hope that you are able to find a new one quickly.