Friday, 7 March 2014

Too bad he doesn't want a vest...

I've finished the body on my husband's cardigan, and have started on the sleeves. 
I love top down sweaters, but I always forget how much I hate knitting the sleeves. Yes, it's nice that they are already attached tot he sweater, so once I finish the knitting, I'm done - no sewing in or anything. 
The downside is the huge bundle of knitted wool that is attached to the sleeve that has to be consistently turned around and around as I knit the sleeve in the round. It's a pain.
But... the sweater is turning out EXACTLY how I envisioned it, and even my husband is looking forward to it. 

If I ever finish the sleeves...


  1. Too bad there is not some sort of lazy susan bowl to put it in to help it turn easier!

  2. They'll knit up faster than you expect, you watch. I guess he doesn't want a short-sleeved version? Hee... :)

  3. OMG. I am seeing double. A friend just knit same patern in same colour for her hubby. With funny results. Hers was Alpaca - and knitting it resulted in a trip to emerg to dislodge a bit of Alpaca fluff from her nose. Then when hubby tried it on, she realized she could have stopped knitting 8!!! inches sooner. Better luck to you.

  4. I know what you mean. I think that is why I knit short sleeves! I have though about stopping work on the body to knit the sleeves and then pick up and finish the body but that feels as if i have left stuff undone and irks me. But it looks like the perfect man sweater!

  5. The sleeves will be done in no time. Just blink twice.