Wednesday, 26 March 2014

sweater progress

Sleeves? Check.

Steeks cut? Check.

Pockets knitted and sewn on? Check.

Stitches picked up for the front bands and collar? Check.

Pictures arbitrarily rotating themselves for no apparent reason? Check. (what the hell? I have no idea why they are doing this...)

Whatever - the sweater for my husband is in the home stretch - just the bands, some blocking and buttons and we're done. He has tried it on, and likes the fit and colour, but is concerned about the itchiness factor of wool. I told him if I had known he was planning on wearing it naked, then I would have used a softer fibre, but this wool, once soaked, would soften up sufficiently to be worn with his shirts.

I love the look of the saxon braid cable on the pockets - it adds just enough interest without it being over the top. Now I just have to slog through all the 1x1 rib bands and collar. It actually won't take that long, this is great TV knitting, so I should start thinking about my next project...


  1. The braid looks good either direction.

  2. Heck if he wanted to wear it naked - you wouldn't have needed to knit at all. Then how would you have spent your time?

  3. I had sudden horrid visions of those guys you see on (thankfully) rare occasions, with a V-neck sweater over the bare chest, and a big 22k gold eagle and chain nestled in the chest hair.

    Sweater is lookin' good. I think the braided pockets will really give it that oomph.

  4. Lucky, I can't unsee that. Mind bleach!

    If you flip your pictures and save them in the preview pane of your computers photo viewer and then go back to the flipped photo and flip it back and save it, that seems to solve the problem. It is almost as if the program forgot to read a line of code somewhere in the pictures html.

    The sweater is lovely. I love the pockets. So right to have them cabled!