Monday, 31 March 2014

I just made it!

It's still March! But to be honest, I don't think this REALLY counts...

I am wearing them today, but I'm just hanging out, working from home. (and yes, I even use nail art wraps on my toes...)
This winter has been painful for a flip-flop loving chick like me. I finally ad enough of the boots and shoes and socks and just grabbed these today to get something outside. The temperature is on my side, but the landscape is not.

Yes - you are seeing some Christmas decorations. Believe it or not, they just reappeared recently - we have had so much snow, these were buried until just this week...
And to be honest, I can't even call this snow anymore - it's snirt. Snow + Dirt = Snirt. And I hate it...

But we've had more than 3 days in a row above freezing, which is more than we've had in months. so I'm feeling good about it. I'm hoping I can bring out more than one pair of my favourite footwear...


  1. Ha Ha. That is a word for the Canadian dictionary - snirt. I love it.

  2. I am supposed to move all my stuff this weekend and the driveway is a pile of ice. Its going to be hairy. Your footwear is just the sign of spring that I need to keep up my courage.

  3. I think you've snapped. It was bound to happen.

  4. My parents were only recently able to remove some birch reindeer decorations from their lawn - they were frozen in place by the deep ice for months.

    Lots of people out there yesterday in shorts and tshirts! Well, they were all boys under the age of 16, but they were out there.