Friday, 21 March 2014

Brenda! the pattern is fantastic!

Brenda is such a nice person. A fellow knit blogger, we met through our blogs (somehow...) and have met in person a number of times, usually at knit shows (coffee at the Frolic this year!!)
I sent her some sock yarn she needed (that was just sitting in my stash, never seeing the light of day, so it was win all around...) and in return she gifted me with a pattern for (get this!) crocheted flip flops! Too funny and perfect for me. I've got to say, there is nothing like getting that email notification that you've been gifted with a pattern - it will always bring a smile!
I dusted off my crochet hooks, found some cotton (like I don't have a ginormous bag of it...) and got started.
At first, i thought the crocodile stitch was going to be beyond my mediocre crochet skills, but I dove in, knowing that Brenda or Susan were just an email away, and both of them are better crocheters than I. But, with the help of You Tube, I persevered and voila!

I know there is only one so far, and unfortunately, it's too small for me, but that will not stop me. I've found my new favourite summer slipper. 

Brenda, you're truly one of the best!

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  1. Sandra, they are so cute. Glad you were able to master the stitch. They are so you.