Monday, 3 February 2014


Dog coat was given on Saturday - "well received" would be an understatement! She loved it! And the 17 year old daughter loved it too, even gave me a high five in the stands. I will be seeing them on Wednesday at a school game, and she had promised me pictures of the dog dressed as a basketball, so hopefully it fits. I'll share the pics here once I get them. It was agreed among all the parents there that the boys will have no excuse not to walk the dog, now that she will look like a basketball.

Semester One has ended for the boy, and his first ever final exams have been written. He's already got his marks back, and we're pretty proud of the boy - nothing below an 85% and in the nineties for the other three classes. He knows how to better handle the exam schedule and studying needed now, so has high hopes for semester two.

I'm debating my next large project, so in the meantime, and just knitting socks, and  other small things. I think my husband will finally get his cardigan - I have enough Eco + wool in a suitably boring taupe colour for him.

I finished Aranami, and made mittens to match, but all of this will be much more interesting when I get the pictures from my camera onto the blog...


  1. 'suitably boring taupe'

    I am so sorry for this, but I laughed out loud at it! Ah yes there is that part of man knitting...

  2. Well, at least some routine rows and rows of stockinette are not the worst thing to do! It's good to have an 'in front of the telly' project.