Monday, 24 February 2014


I did not compete in the Knitting Olympics or Ravellenic Games or whatever else is out there. I can be a bit ornery when anyone (including myself!) sets arbitrary deadlines on my pleasurable pastime. I did knit my way through the Olympics - I spent a great deal of time watching them, as I love the Olympics.
I watched them at home and work, and even in some non-traditional places - while a passenger in the car, I watched the Canadian Women win Olympic Gold (I love my iPhone...). I also watched the Canadian Men's game against the USA while grocery shopping (I had no choice, I had to go, and the game was on!) I was like the Pied Piper - one guy noticed my phone near the produce, and kept following me, asking what was going on. By the time I got to the checkout, there were about 6 people nearby!

It's no secret I am a proud Canadian, and I was proud of every Canadian Olympian - athlete, coach, trainer or other support, including families and friends. It makes me happy to see that Maple Leaf! Surprisingly, I'm not much of a hockey fan. If it's not my family, I only watch Olympic Hockey - no NHL for me. And I am glad the Olympics are done before March Madness starts up. 
But during the Olympics I watch ALL sports, even figure skating, that, while I absolutely believe they are high level athletes, I don't believe it belongs in the Olympics - whose credo is Higher, Faster, Stronger. Plus, the judging corruption that is rampant in figure skating leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But I watch it. And I'm proud of the Team, Patrick Chan and Virtue and Moir. I even watch double luge, which I still think is the strangest thing out there. How badly do you want an Olympic medal to agree to be the bottom guy on a sled hurtling down an icy track?
Of course, I am proud of the curlers! Team Jennifer Jones and Team Brad Jacobs - they made Winnipeg, Sault Ste. Marie and all of Canada proud!

I've made great progress on my husband's sweater - I even did a fitting on him, and it's perfect so far. I got an idea of how long he wants it, and the sleeve length that is needed. He reiterated again how he wants it plain. Yes dear, taupe and plain, I get it. How we get along so well is a mystery to so many people...

I am going to add my touch to it, though. He wants pockets - biggish pockets. "Big enough to hold things", he said "not just for show". Easy - I'm going to do patch pockets - pick up stitches on the front and knit them, then sew down the edges. But these pockets, while they will still be taupe, will be cabled - nice thick cables to add some interest.

He wants pockets, he gets MY pockets...


  1. I disagree about figure skating not being "higher, faster, stronger". Look at footage from the mid-80s. Women were doing doubles, now they're attempting quads. Men have gone from quads being optional, to being necessary. Pairs throw higher. They need more speed and strength for all this. Curling? While I have watched it at the Olympic level, and find it rather mesmerizing, I don't see anything "higher, faster, stronger" about it. I do agree that the artistry component of figure skating makes it difficult to judge, changes made after the last Olympics have improved that, but like Katrina Witt said in an interview, "It's figure skating, it's part art, and you know that when you go into it".