Friday, 21 February 2014

Not an Olympic project

Even though this was cast on during the opening ceremonies, and it's a challenging enough project to rate as a project, it's not an Olympic project. 
I finally found the a boring enough colour of wool for my husband. (He's not one for much colour, although he will wear colour in his hand knit socks...)
It's starting out as the Burnstown Cardigan, but I will be making some adjustments to it. Basically, I wanted a plain top down raglan cardigan with a shawl collar. I'm making the v-neck a little deeper, changing the collar from Linen stitch to anything-but-linen-stitch (I really hate working linen stitch...), and adding pockets.
Working it top down means I can customize the size and fit to m husband as I go, which is good.

I'm using Cascade Eco + wool in taupe and navy. 

It was going to be just taupe, but I had the skein of the navy already, and I'm thinking just a few Fibonacci stripes near the bottom.

The nice thing about this is that it's a nice contrast to the very bright socks I have on the go right now. That, and it's easy knitting which is also nice while watching Olympics and cheering on Canadians.

And man! Have the Canadian athletes given us something to cheer about! I'm pretty upfront about the fact that I'm not a hockey fan. Despite the fact that my brother is, and his kids are all high level players, I've never been a fan - basketball and curling were and are my winter sports...
But every 4 years, I watch Olympic hockey. Even with the overpaid pros playing, there's something about playing for your country that brings out the fangirl in me. And not just hockey - I'm a huge fan of the Olympics in general. Any sport, winter or summer, I watch. Some more than others - sorry to say it, but I don't think figure skating should be an Olympic sport - I agree they are high level athletes, but the sport doesn't adhere to the "higher, faster, stronger" doctrine. Plus, the sport is rife with scandal and corruption...
Anyways, The Canadian Women Curlers and Hockey Players?? What a day yesterday! And I'm watching the men curl right now, and looking forward to the men's' hockey semi final later today.
Plus, a big shout out to every other Canadian athlete that has done us proud, medalist or not (Can we talk, Gilmore Junio?) As well as to every other athlete from every country that has embodied the Olympic spirit in Sochi. I'm a pretty cynical chick in general, but the Olympics can bring a tear to my eye and a catch to my voice just about every day. Even the commercials can do that!
Next week, going back to regular television is going to be a bit of a let down...

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  1. Ditto Ditto Ditto about all the Olympic chat in your post.