Friday, 7 February 2014

Mittens and thumbs

I love knitting mittens. They're easy, quick and useful. 'm usually okay with just about any thumb style - I don't tend to get overly analytical about them - if they feel good on, I'm good with that. (I do enough analysis at work, I don't need it on my personal time...
But... I do like trying out new things, just to see if I like them, and whether or not I will change up my usual. (That's pretty much how I got to where I am with sock knitting. I started with top down, flap and gusset heel, went to a short row heel, went to toe up  (so I could use all the yarn, or not run out), and now use an afterthought heel so I REALLY use all the yarn I can.)
So when I saw Deb Gemmell's method of thumb construction, I had to try it out.


I'm a convert - it's fantastic. It fits my hand so well, it's like Deb measured me personally. 

Here's a visual of different constructions (and proof that I'm willing to try all kinds...)

There's the standard side gusset - still a great thumb construction:

The afterthought thumb - not my favourite, but handy when you end up turning socks into mittens...

And this one (name? I have no idea...) It's actually not even a thumb increase, and you are actually increasing for the palm. Deb's mittlet pattern was done in chunky yarn, so I had to do a little math to match my DK weight, and it worked perfectly.

I love these mitts. They look great with my black jacket and Aranami scarf.
FInal shot - my husband trying to get my picture, and me being too quick for him...


  1. I love those Aranami mitts. All the lovely increases in the Gemmell method. I like that one best.

  2. Your mitts are fantastic. Love them.

  3. Great looking mitten! I've only knit one pair of mittens ... with a thumb gusset ... I think. It worked and that's all I cared about at the time ;) Wendy x