Friday, 14 February 2014

Canada Hat

Okay, I have nothing against a good Canadian Toque. They are a necessary winter clothing item, and a real symbol of our country.
I even like the design of this one, that our Olympic team is wearing in Sochi.

wouldn't it be great if they could actually wear hand knit wool ones? I'd love the Canadian Olympic Committee to actually have a design created, and have Canadian Knitters hand knit the hats for the team, using Canadian wool.

I may have to fire off an email to the COC one of these days...

We are off to the cottage tonight - It's Family Day weekend in Ontario, so we are off on Monday. It's a late leaving time for us today, as the boy has an indoor track meet today, and is not expected home until around 8pm. He'll get home, we'll pile him into the car, and we'll be off. Luckily, our neighbours are already there, and will have out place heated up and waiting for us. It's good to have friends...


  1. I love the hat too and yes, wool would have been fantastic! Apparently they are all sold out at The Bay. If I were more ambitious, I'd have knitted by own version but charting it looks like a bummer.

  2. Yes, it would be great, and probably not too impractical given the large number of knitters here and the somewhat smaller size of our team. I remember a few years ago, I think one of the Scandavian countries did something with mittens for members of the Olympic committee, maybe they were working on bidding for the games? I'd recommend Briggs & Little wools! A couple years ago I knit a scarf for volunteers at the Superbowl when it was in Indianapolis. There were a couple choices of yarn, and my SIL picked out the nicest, Alpaca with a Twist (they're an Indiana company). It was great to work with, and I really hope whoever got it appreciates the alpaca! The volunteer committee had an overwhelming response to the project!

  3. Great ideas. Hand knit accessories in B&L wool. Go Sandra.

  4. I got your back. I think it is dreadful the way they took the sweater away from the cowichan last time. Yes to hand knits. It wouldn't even be a small problem.

  5. This is a great idea! I think the Canadian team would look great in a hand knit hat. Let us know when you have the petition ready to sign :) Wendy x