Wednesday, 12 February 2014

All my socks should be stripy socks

After knitting with the String Theory Colourworks wool, I'm thinking that all my socks should be stripy ones...
I mean, just look at these!

Aren't they fabulous?
If I like pink more, and my Mom less, I'd have a hard time giving those away...
But the others will be for me, I've decided. I love them both! The witches britches (black, green and cream) is Biscotte & Cie, and the lime, turquoise and black is another String Theory, this time in Sportweight.

I still have the Mano socks on the go, and while I love them, I'd love them more if the colours had striped rather than been random. But they will make a great gift for a friend - they are so soft and luxurious.

But I'm getting slightly obsessed with stripy socks...


  1. Those pink socks could come live at my house. =^.^= IF you didn't love your mom so much.

  2. I think February is sock month. I know that EZ said it was a great month for baby things, but seriously, I feel the need for socks!