Thursday, 23 January 2014

seeing fabric in a different way

While digging around Fabricland, I found some interesting fabrics. Not fashion or decorating fabric, but useful kitchen type fabrics.
100% linen, 20 inch wide, tea towelling.

It's so crisp, I can finger press it, and the folds hold! I bought this blue and green plaid for me, and now that I see how well it holds up, I will get more to match some friends' kitchens. 2 metres makes 4 towels, and there's nothing like 100% linen for drying glassware.

Its nice to know that I can get a ridiculously early start on stashing gifts away!

But not all people like colour in their home linens. My best friend is an all-white kind of girl. White towels in the bath, white sheets, white kitchen accessories. 
And right next to the linen was this great 100% cotton waffle weave. Perfect for white kitchen towels!

Its been prewashed but not ironed here. And while she loves white linens, I couldn't let that be. Her cottage (where I spent much of my childhood summers) has been in her family for years, and her Mom named it The Mare's Nest decades ago. The accent colour in the cottage has always been red, so I used my sewing machine's embroidery feature to add the name of the cottage.

It's a small touch, but one she will appreciate.

Next week - knitting. I promise.


  1. VERY nice. Love the embroidered touch.

  2. Love the embroidered touch and the fact that the machine did it.

  3. My Daughter1 brought back a whole stack of linen towelling from Ukraine. Some of it is too lovely to use for towels and will be runners and used as a base for emboideries. It is packed away now but Oh how I am looking forward to it.

  4. I love linen tea towels. My mom always bought up yards & yards of this on sale and would make her three daughters tea towels ;) Love what you did with the embroidered cottage name. Wendy x