Monday, 20 January 2014

new socks in progress

I always have at least a couple of socks in progress - in my purse - available for those found moments.

I'm on the second Witches Britches (the green, cream and black striped), but I started another one as well.

Manos Del Uruguay Alegria in the evocatively named colour way of A7105. I do love the feel of Manos sock yarn, but to be honest, I wish the colours translated better from skein to actual sock. Remember the neon socks I made? How the neon-ness disappeared one they were knit up? Same thing here. I wish the oranges and yellows had longer runs to show up more. This is a case where some pooling would have been welcome. THey're beautiful and will make me or someone else very happy, but I was just looking for MORE, ou know?

This shows how much sock gets knitted through 2 basketball games and one of my nephew's hockey games. I truly don't believe people when they say they have no time to knit. I think you can always find time... of course, you have to find the time for basketball and hockey games...

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