Wednesday, 22 January 2014

More fabrics

I mentioned that Christmas fabrics go on sale in January. I love this, as I like making napkins for my Christmas table. Since we have a large-ish family, I get enough to make quite a few napkins. (my tablecloths are standard green or red cotton based brocades).
Since I'm me, and I don't follow convention very easily, I tend to shun the traditional prints, and go for the fun.
Meet next year's napkins:

I wish I had a better segue to this next fabric, but going from Christmas to a retirement dinner doesn't really follow any kind of path, so I'm just going to jump right in.
One of my SILs is retiring after 30 years as a Toronto Police Officer. She has risen through the ranks and is retiring as an inspector, attached to the Deputy Chief's office. There's a big dinner for her next month, and the family is invited. To be honest, there are things I'd rather be doing on a Wednesday night (going to Knit Night, for example!!), but she's family, so we have to suck it up. It's also cocktail attire required, so I decided to make a new skirt for the occasion. Not that I have to, I have tons of cocktail skirts and dresses that I rarely wear, but what the hell, Chinese brocades were on sale, and skirts take so little metreage, so I splurged.

Isn't is pretty? With a black silk tank and silk sweater, I will be set, even if I'd rather be wearing sweats, and sipping tea with my knitting buddies...


  1. Love it all. I saw those brocades this weekend. Very gorgeous prints!

  2. I made up a ton of Christmas napkins one year for my family dinner, and so am ready for the next 20 years! The brocade looks nice and sounds like a good combination with the tank top. Knitting night will be all the more fun the next week! Wendy x