Monday, 13 January 2014

January equals lack of focus...

I don't know about anyone else, but I can't focus on anything right now. All last month, my knitting was focussed and directed towards gifts and making things with a purpose - to be given to someone.
Now that I have time to knit or create what I want, I want to do it ALL! Any pattern that catches my eye, I buy it or print it and start looking for the yarn!
The Maple Leaf shawl! The slippers! (thanks, Steph for the reminder...) New socks!
Then there's the sewing. Fabricland always has a great sale this time of year. So I picked up fabric for next years Christmas napkins, as well as other stuff (more flannels for pajamas, and some great household type fabric - more on that later...)
Not to mention new yarns - Thanks to Jenn, I've become enamoured of String Theory Colorworks and their self striping sock yarns - order has been placed, because we all know I need more sock yarn...
Fickle doesn't even begin to describe me right now. I keep forcing myself to get back to my Aranami shawl - it's gorgeous and luxurious and I want it, but I also want everything else!
Can someone please get to work on warping the Time-Space continuum? I need more hours in the day...

And since there has been interest in my nails lately - I hope you all realize that I use Nail Art Stickers. I am not painstakingly drawing all these designs on my nails, and waiting for them to dry. (Do you know how much knitting time that painting and drying would take?)
The stickers are great and last about a week. I do still paint my nails, but I tend to alternate between a plain painted and a nail art sticker.
This week is a sticker week:
which I would show if Blogger wasn't being a pain and not letting me add pictures... Let me work on this...


  1. I hear you. January is a hard month is knit in. The winter games are coming, have you picked something?

  2. I finished my Christmas orders on Dec 23, and had immediate Post Project Letdown. There were SO many things I had been wanting to make for myself, if I ever got the time again, that I had no idea what to start with. So, I did a pair of felted clogs! I really needed slippers. Then some mitts. A few simple little things to get me back into non-order projects. Then I started on a crochet bathing suit cover up for my trip on Friday....and got a custom order....LOL.

  3. Maybe the phrase is Project Departum Depression. Just another reason to believe we have been separated at birth. OR more likely - given our age differences - that you are the daughter I never had.