Friday, 31 January 2014

I love it when a plan comes together...

The disclaimer: 

While I knit for other people quite a bit, I rarely, if ever, knit on demand or request. (I take requests from family and really close friends, within reason).

The backstory:

We are sitting at a basketball game, and one of the other Moms asked what I did with all the knitting (it's a common question I'm sure we all get when we knit in public). I said I gave a lot of it away as gifts, otherwise I'd be drowning in knitted items!
She asked if I ever knit dog coats, and I said no - most of my friends with dogs have big, furry dogs, and don't really want or need sweaters for them.
She said she had a little ten pounder, and would I be interested in knitting a sweater for her? Nothing too girly or bright, otherwise the boys (husband and son) wouldn't want to walk the dog. She would be happy to buy the wool (and she's the type that wouldn't balk at the price of the good stuff), but I said leave it with me, I'll see.
I most cases, the answer would have been "not a chance". Doing something like this sets a dangerous precedence among the other moms and people I see. Our kids are teammates and friends, but not close friends. 

The reason why I did it:

But... in this case, her husband is also the coach of the school team. Not a teacher, but a parent who stepped up when there wasn't a coach available for the team. He got the police check (anyone who coaches gets them, I have one), and paid for it himself. He runs practices early in the morning and after school and has given these boys a great opportunity. What a great chance for me to be able to thank him for this.
(I will have to state to her when I give her to dog coat the reasons why I did it, and why I don't normally do things like this. If she asks for more, I'll quote her (and anyone else who asks) a fair price).

Because this one is a gift, I had no problem using a commercial pattern, since I wasn't selling it. So I dug around Ravelry and found a couple of patterns. Then I went stash diving. I knew what I wanted to make - I wanted basketball orange. But I wanted sport or worsted weight, and all I had was lace weight singles. But wait. I had two large skeins of 100% wool orange lace weight, in 2 different, but complimentary shades or orange. A little time with my ballwinder, and I ended up with a ball of four strand marled orange. I also dug up some partial balls of black Truffle wool/cashmere blend. Had a pattern, had the wool, knew I could find the needed buttons when the time came.

Can I say how well this turned out?(Not sure why the turtleneck button looks gold - it's solid black). Of course, not knowing the actual size of the dog, I love that this is size-able - just by moving the buttons it can be made smaller. 
Of course, there's a reason I wanted basketball orange - this is a real basketball family - both kids play, the daughter even manages the boys team,and the dad coaches. Mom spends as much time at games as I do. So with a crochet hook and a little extra black yarn, I turned the dog into:

yup. A basketball.

None of this can be surprising. I can't wait to give it to her. Of course, the kids are in exams right now, so I won't see them for a week. But I'm dying to see the reaction, and will get a picture of the dog in the sweater. I have got to believe that the boys will be fine walking a dog that looks like a basketball.


  1. Oh boy, that is adorable!! Hope she sends you a picture of her little basketball! So nice to see a pooch getting to wear a warm wool sweater, not one of those horrid cold acrylic things!

  2. I hope she is as appreciative as that deserves!! So adorably cute!! I had never seen a coat with button adjustments!

  3. That is just the best dog coat ever.