Friday, 10 January 2014

Holiday odds and ends...

Some bits and pieces from the holidays:

For our family Christmas dinner, one of the things I was to bring was the fruit for dessert. Rather than bringing JUST fruit, I decided on Grinch Kebobs.

Yup, I can't just do something simple, it seems...
(skewer a green grape, a banana slice, a strawberry and a mini marshmallow)

One of my favourite gifts from my husband - a Kobo! I read as much as I knit, and this will be so easy to cart around instead of numerous books. Our library system is compatible with it...

Speaking of gifts - all the knitted gits this year were very well received. (I was smart and only knitted for people I knew would appreciate). The beer mitts were a huge hit with my brother's kids, and with my bro and SIL - now I need to make them a couple! The hats, socks, scarves and ornaments were extremely popular, especially the ornaments! The purple hats garnered me a huge hug from my niece, and the Doctor Who hat? Well, lets just say my stock rose exponentially with my nephew! Not only for making the hat (which never left his head), but just for knowing enough about Doctor Who to be able to talk about it with him. It was very gratifying. After I get my fill of knitting for myself, I have a few hats and ornaments to make for others.

We spent New Years at the cottage - headed up after Christmas and spent almost a week enjoying it.
The cottage neighbours are among my favourite people to knit for - the infinity scarves were a big hit, and never seemed to leave the girls' necks, the hate went on his head immediately, and the Suncrest scarf - matched her coat perfectly. But the best was the name ornaments! THey opened these while his brother and family and his parents were there, and there was some serious envy over those. So much so that she has asked me to make ornaments for the rest of the family, and she will pay me. Done deal - I love this family, so it will be easy to do.
It's hard to hate this view:

Although, what a difference a day makes...

And for New Years, New Nails!


  1. Wow how do you stop knitting long enough to let those nails dry?

  2. Ohhhh - I have techno toy envy. And nail envy. And Santa fruit envy. Looks like a wonderful holiday time.

  3. It's the best feeling when you've worked hard at a knitting project and it's truly loved on the receiving end. Well done! I think I might try some of those ornaments next year. and hey ... great nails ;) Wendy x