Friday, 3 January 2014

Hi! Miss me?

I didn't really mean to go offline for so long, but between Christmas, an ice storm, family, the cottage and just basic tiredness, I did.
I could have blogged about knitting and what I was doing, but instead I decided to knit and just do what I was doing.
So forgive me while I get caught up...

Ice Storm:
It was a doozy. We were without power for 30 hours, and it was COLD. But, compared to some, we got off easy. A day and a bit without power beats the week or so some people had to deal with.

Here's some shots from around our place:
fence cap - it's actually a solar light - not really able to charge right now...
hedge and maple tree on our boulevard - it crackled for days afterwards.
Christmas decorations - a little more sparkly with the addition of a half inch coating of ice!
close up of our cedar hedges
more cedar
 cedar up high

our birch tree - happily, she made it through with only the loss of a few small branches - better than our neighbours across the street who lost three of a five tree clump.
more cedar, encrusted with ice
full shot of our birch
my lilac - encrusted
close up of the lilac
We spent the days following the storm constantly checking our trees and bushes - the ice was crackling not stop. Some of our cedars were bent almost double, but have recovered - they are amazingly flexible.

Our street was blocked for a while - tree limbs fell across the street itself, so we spent part of the days after helping the neighbours clean up yards and boulevards - the Town was overwhelmed, but did a great job in clearing the streets - it will take weeks before all the downed limbs are cleared away.

I've got lots more to show - stay tuned!


  1. Glad you did not suffer too much with the ice. And sometimes a nice relaxing break is exactly what is needed!!

  2. That was some storm, wasn't it! Driving along the highway afterwards, it was amazing to see so many trees broken apart. Glad to hear you didn't lose power for any longer. We had power right through, for which we were very thankful. Happy New Year ... looking forward to yet another snowfall tomorrow :[ Wendy x

  3. We were hoping to lose a tall, ugly pine tree...nope. We seem to have only one causalty, an ugly, overgrown evergreen taking up too much space next to our walkway. It's still covered in ice and bent over, I tell the kids to stomp on it when Dad's not looking LOL. The main street through our subdivision looks like a tornado went through though. The sidewalks are still blocked so there'll be a lot of kids walking on the road tomorrow!!