Wednesday, 29 January 2014

eye searing break from grey...

Okay, I've sort of broken the grey deluge...

(and, it's funny if you read the comments from the last post - Needles suggested bright pink, but to cut it back with black... read on Needles...)

While there is grey and black, this pink more than makes up for it, and is eye-opening enough to cheer things up! Meet String Theory Colorworks colourway Dipole Moment:

I got my (very traditional) FIL going when I asked him if he liked his new socks - Obviously, these are not for him, but he's fun to play with that way!
These fantastic String Theory Colorworks socks are for my pink-loving Mom. Her birthday is in March, and these will be perfect for her. 

Nancy will be proud of me, I even matched the starting point so the stripes will match.

Have you tried this wool? If you are into great stripes, this is the stuff for you. Jen at Knit Night got me interested, and I just had to order some... 
Great prices, great delivery, I can't say enough about them... I bought 5 colourways, 3 sock, 2 sport weight (to be honest, the sportweight was kind of an error - I was thinking sockweight, but didn't check the weight of the colourways I feel in love with. Since they're for me, slightly heavier socks are fine - I usually just wear socks when I'm wearing my boots anyway)

In order from left to right,
Sportweight Green/Blue/Black
Sockweight Grey/Black/Pink
Sportweight Green/Black
Sockweight Red/Brown/Green/Gold
Sockweight Red/Green/White - my Christmas socks for next year...

So fantastic...


  1. Ooooh, loooooove those pink stripes.

  2. Wow! Those colors are great! And, I love the width of the stripes. Looks like it comes in some great color combos too. :-)

  3. Those colors will keep you awake. From a distance. At night. =^.^=

  4. No, haven't tried that sock yarn. I usually get mine from friends after a morunful session of begging. :)