Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Even more luxury

I give a lot of knitted Christmas gifts. A. Lot. So January is really all about knitting for me.
And as far as I'm concerned, I deserve the good stuff. Hence the Alpaca Dipped Infinity, and this:


But not in Brooklyn Tweed Loft. Nope - I went ultra luxurious, and bought Illimani Yarns. A cream, 3 greys and a black. Three of them are Illimani Royal I - a 100% alpaca, and the other two are Illimani Silky Baby Llama  - 70% baby llama / 30% mulberry silk. Seriously decadent.
The Illimani is bigger than the fingering weight the original is made from, so I upped the needle size to a 3.5mm. It's making a nice fabric, and, while I look like a dork in shawls, I think this will work well as a scarf, as it's not very deep.

It's a great construction - never more than 36 stitches on the needles, and it builds upon itself. One warning - if you don't like sewing in ends, you won't like this. But the end result will be worth it.


 I'm on the second last colour - the darkest grey, and then I have the black left to do. Of course, In my brilliant wisdom, I didn't think about the fact I would be using more yarn since I am using bigger needles, so I may not have enough black. I won't really know until I get further in, but at least I know where I bought it, and can hopefully get more.

Again, this is a pattern I would make again - using different colours, or even a single variegated yarn - the variations would show up in the waves. Plus, changing the stitch counts could give it another look altogether. I have some variegated green lace weight that may work well...


  1. Sandra, it is lovely. Monochromatic colour scheme - my favourite.

  2. That's going to be pretty! I love the color changes and pattern. I bet it's fun to make too.

  3. You certainly know how to spoil yourself ;) This looks so cool! The darkening shades are really effective. Wendy x