Monday, 9 December 2013


Another potential Christmas gift (or just one to have in my back pocket for those unexpected times of need...)
It's a slingshot. (Free from Knitty). While I've shown it around a highball glass, it's real function is for a take out coffee cup. Not only does it insulate (a godsend for those of us who drink out coffee black, and our tea clear) and make it possible to actually hold the cup without a double cup, it also allows you to carry it dangling, rather than gripping it (sometimes hard to do in winter with mitts or gloves.)
The pattern calls for fingering weight (actually, Knit Picks Palette, of which I have a huge stash...) but I went up a yarn weight and needle size, and adjusted the stitch count to compensate, simply because I had this yarn and wanted to use it. Couldn't tell you what it is right now, I'm now where near the ball band, but I had a couple of orphan skeins, and it seemed like a good idea. It was, since this took a negligible amount of wool and time.
I also added some length, and fudged the decreases, added garter bands top and bottom, and discarded the two colour patterning. I may make some in Palette, and keep to the actual pattern, but where's the fun in that?
I'm thinking of pairing it with a Timmies gift card as a "gift to have on hand". If I don't use it, I can always keep it for myself!
Actually, I can see making a few more of these...


  1. I tell my daughter often - drink Black Coffee, Clear Tea and Scotch Neat - Lowest calorie drinks out there and all good to the last drop! Love the holder!

  2. I have to rush off and get the p0attern. Such a smart and idea

  3. Thanks for the pattern. This will be perfect for my sister and dad's fiance.