Friday, 20 December 2013

"purple" is not specific enough...

My niece asked for a purple hat. "same shape as last years hat". Well, the shape is easy - basic elongated beanie.
The purple was something else. I went stash diving and came up with options. So, since I had the time, I did what anyone would do. I used them all, and made three hats. (she often wears hats.)

A cotton-modal blend - with stripes because I only had the one ball of the solid.
A 100% plain purple alpaca. Yummy.
A purple, blue, black and grey patterned wool hat. Just for something different.

Now that these are done, knitting for me takes centre stage again!


  1. They are all great, but I am partial to the purple alpaca!!! I love alpaca, so soft and warm!

  2. Wonder Woman knits again. I hope those kids apprecaiate what a great Aunt you are.

  3. What lucky nieces you have!! Love the dark purple shade (middle). Now take a break will you, you're making me tired. Wendy x