Monday, 2 December 2013

gift for a friend

I finished the watermelon scarf for a friend of mine. We've been friends since mid way through grade one - when I moved to Ontario, G was the first person to say hello to me when I walked into a new classroom. When you are 5 years old, that's huge. We've been remarkably close ever since. We don't often see each other (distance and life gets in the way), but we are in contact quite a bit (thanks to email and Facebook...) and when our high school had it's 40th anniversary, she stayed at my Mom's place with me - we had a great time! (both of us live far enough away from the school to have needed a place to stay.)
G is obsessed with watermelon - really obsessed. Her husband indulges her to a point, but put his foot down when she saw this and wondered if she could replicate it:
 So, I did what any friend would do - I fed the flames! This will be going in the mail shortly:

I whipped it up on the machine, so it took about a half hour of knitting time, and another half hour to sew up the side seam. Not a bad use of time.


  1. Where did you find that car?! MIL likes watermelon.

    Awesome scarf.

  2. Funny for usre. What yarn did you sue for the scarf?