Wednesday, 4 December 2013

bye bye blackberry...

it was a good run with my BlackBerry Torch, but the time has come. I hate the fact that we decided to leave RIM - a good Canadian company, but the problems associated with the BlackBerry just got to be too much. Slow processing speed, limited apps, and batteries that needed replacing far too often.
We debated the iPhone or the Android, but the fact that I already have a pretty good iTunes account for my iPod, as well as an iPhone 4 that my son will upgrade to made it a pretty easy choice.
Now I just need to get my IT guy to set up my work email, and my husband to get his BlackBerry switched as well, and we will become a complete iPhone family.  I'm pretty familiar with the interface, but my husband will be depending on me and our son to get him through the learning curve!


  1. I did something similar - said bye bye cell phone and just text through my tablet - soooo much better because bottom line if I'm out, I'm by definition, doing something that precludes me from being free to talk on the phone and the texts, if not an emergency - honestly how often really is there an actual emergency...just sit there like emails until I have a moment to deal with them!

    I knit and I don't carry a phone - 'love it!

  2. Would your son be able to take on another client? I too went with a non-Blackberry phone this time. And I too felt really badly doing it. But ...