Monday, 16 December 2013

Basically ready...

I'm pretty sure all my Christmas knitting is done. Can I get a hallelujah? Considering I had a few last minute requests, I managed to get through them all, as well as a few last minute pairs of pajama pants.

One nephew's favourite colours are turquoise and yellow, and he's a fan of flatbrim baseball caps. This fabric seemed custom made for him. I found this fabric months ago and bought it with him in mind:

Another nephew specifically requested pajama pants. I had to actually shop for him. He's not into sports at all, and most of my flannel stash is sports or girly. So plaid it is. A beautiful brushed cotton plaid:

I matched the plaids perfectly at the front, back and sides. Not that this will be noticed, but if the plaid didn't match, it would DEFINITELY be noticed.

These are SOOOOO soft - they're hard to wrap and give away! I may have to go back and get more brushed cotton plaids...

Then, my favourite pair - for my son. GRINCH JAMMIES! They're perfect, and a nice thick flannel. Originally, he had chosen a red and green plaid, but when I brought this home, he jumped all over it.

And really, who wouldn't have?

Of course, when I was buying the plaid, I found these. Not that I needed any more for myself, but the drinks and the beer print were too good to pass up. They may be for me, they may end up for someone else.


  1. I think you might be the sewing queen! I've never learned to match plaid. Never tried, guess I should try it one day! New skills, rights?!

  2. Hallelujia! (love the Grinchy fabric!)

  3. Congrats that you're almost done with everything! Woo hoo! :-D Those PJ's are great! I still have lots to do but no knitting this year.


  5. HALLELUJAH! And I too vote an Amen on the Grinch fabric.