Friday, 15 November 2013

LOVE when this happens...

We've all been there - Having to do a long tailed cast one, with a couple of hundred stitches. How much do you pull out? Do you guess? Do you cast on 10, then take it off, measure and use that as a gauge? Do you go all zen like, and draw out the yarn until it FEELS like the right amount?
You hate to come up short, and just as bad, hate to have a huge tail left over, especially in a kit that comes with a finite amount of wool. (as this did)

Any guesses what I did here?
252 stitches cast on for an alpaca dipped infinity cowl. Two strands of yarn. A mere 5 inches of tail left over - the perfect amount for weaving in the end properly.

And on top of that, I joined, and have started knitting - you know how you always want to make sure you don't twist the cast on? I didn't.

Just sayin'...
I'm feeling good about this project...


  1. Yup, its a beautiful thing when that happens!

  2. Just sayin' - you are one smart - or perhaps lucky?? knitter.

  3. I was waiting for the "bad news", but I'm glad this worked out ok! And you double-checked the number of stitches, right?! Happy Day ;) Wendy

  4. Yay! Glad it worked. That would be a bummer to have to start over with that many stitches! I like your comment about the Zen-like way of measuring. lol I bet we've all tried that one at least once. Have a great weekend!

  5. Usually I start with one strand from the outside of the ball, and one strand from the inside, but that wouldn't work if you're using the yarn doubled already (unless you're using two balls). Good job on the cast on! Hope the rest goes smoothly!

  6. It seems you've got the knitters luck with one. Enjoy it!