Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I said I wasn't going to do it...

But I think I'm making some pajama pants...

In my defence, these technically aren't Christmas gifts, and they are not for extended family, so since that's who I said I wasn't going to make any for, I haven't REALLY lost my mind...

I've often talked of our cottage neighbours, and how the friendship has grown beyond the lake. I love their daughters like they were my own, and only regret not having known them for longer - I'd have loved seeing them as babies and toddlers...

The older girl, M adores her hedgehogs, while the younger one, K, loves the dogs unconditionally. So when I was a Fabricland, and saw these two fabrics, I had to. I mean really - CHRISTMAS HEDGEHOG FABRIC? How could I not buy it. And the goofy dog? C'MON! Of course I had to buy it.

I posted the pictures to Facebook on their timelines and asked it they wanted pj pants - the response was IMMEDIATE! Both girls were all teenagey "OMG!! YES PLEASE!!"
So of course, I'm going to make them. I'm seeing one of them next week, so will get measurements, then they are coming out to one of the boy's basketball games at the end of November, so I'll have them done for then. See? Not Christmas gifts.
(As an aside, the boy is looking forward to having two very cute girls coming out the cheer him on!)

Another "not-a-Christmas-gift" pair of pj pants is for the boy, so even though Christmas themed, not a gift.
I gave him the choice of fabrics:

A red and green woven plaid, or a tree-print batik. His first choice was the batik, until he felt them - the plaid had softened to a lovely feel, while the batik retained the stiffness associated with batiks - he chose the plaid. (Good, because I wanted the batik...) These two were a pleasant surprise - I have a container of Christmas fabrics = mostly one yard cuts or fat quarters or scraps. But both of these were 3 metre cuts! Why I thought I would cut them up for bags or other things was beyond me.

So, even though I said no more pj pants, it seems I have at least three pairs to make. Luckily, they take almost no time, so this won't really make a dent in my creative time...


  1. Maybe not a Christmas gift, but now they'll be able to wear them Christmas morning ;) Wendy

  2. Those will be cute when finished. Even if they aren't presents.

  3. I wouldn't think it would matter if you made more for Christmas gifts. Everyone seems to love them. And, I'm always impressed at how many and how quickly you make them. I love the fabrics. Especially the one with the doggies. Cute! This post just reminds me that another year has come and gone and I still haven't made any. lol It's still on my to-do list though. My daughter and I were talking about making some when she's home between semesters. :-)