Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I need a smaller family...

I married a man who is one of 5 kids. I have one brother. We have a pretty good circle of friends.
I like to knit for as many people as I can.

I'm a little tired of these ornaments - and this is only the younger generation - this is not siblings - that would be another 7 (including spouses)... Then the friends, etc.

I think I need to pare it back...


  1. LOL again here. I cannot think of a single word to say.

  2. You said you " to knit for as many people as you can". I'm not seeing a problem - only gorgeous knitted ornaments!

  3. But their so cute, I know you can knit more of them....

  4. I have a big family too ... but we stopped exchanging presents by mutual agreement some years ago. I'm not sorry to see that end as most of us have too much stuff already! Your knitted ornaments are very cute, but I could see where the interest would start to wane after 20 or so ;) Wendy

  5. Those are soooo cute tho! I really want to knit an ornament for my tree this year, if I find the time.